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The Cowtown "Virtual Races" a hit

Over 7,000 Cowtown runners completed a "Virtual Race" to earn their medal and finisher shirt after an ice storm cancelled all but the half marathon in Fort Worth, Texas on March 1, 2015.

Runners whose races were cancelled and those unable to attend due to weather were given a second chance to earn their medals by completing their "Virtual Race!" Participants could walk, use a treadmill, run outside or inside at the time and place of their choosing. To qualify, runners had to be registered prior to race weekend. "Virtual Racers" signed a form validating their run, which was then submitted to The Cowtown for documentation.

Happy "Virtual Racers" received their finisher's shirt, medal, and challenge gear at pickup locations throughout North Texas. Runners beyond driving distance of Cowtown’s Fort Worth office had items mailed to them, while others may still pick up their items by visiting The Cowtown office during normal business hours. The deadline for completing a "Virtual Race" was March 30th.


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