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Lake Jackson/Freeport Area Triathletes
PO Box 3131
Lake Jackson, TX 77566-3131
4 - Upper Gulf (see map)

Phone: 979-285-0266
Email: goljfat@gmail.com
Website: http://LJFat.com

The Mission of the Lake Jackson / Freeport Area Triathletes Triathlon Club (LJFAT) is to:
• promote safety in all aspects of fitness and training.
• promote and encourage participation in multi-sport events;
• promote multisport performance and development;
• provide youth an opportunity of experiencing the sport of triathlon in a positive and fun environment;
• allow athletes to develop at their own pace in a fun, comfortable and challenging environment;
• offer a variety of programs that promote increased fitness, proper nutrition and proper skill development;
• support and develop athletes of all levels of experience.

Texas Runner & Triathlete • PO Box 19909 • Houston, TX • 77224
713.935.0555 • FAX 713.935.0559 •
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