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Houston Area Road Runners Assn
P O Box270600
Houston, TX 77277
4 - Upper Gulf (see map)
Email: prez@harra.org
Website: Http://www.harra.org

The Houston Area Road Runners Association (HARRA, pronounced "hurrah") is a nonprofit association founded in 1993 to promote running as a competitive sport and a healthful exercise in the Houston area. HARRA provides a wide variety of benefits and services to its members and to the running community, and provides the running community with a collective voice on issues that affect all runners in the Houston area.

HARRA also serves as the umbrella organization for many individual running clubs in the Houston area. In this role HARRA works with the clubs to coordinate and promote club activities and competitions to the benefit of the clubs, club members, and the Houston running community.

HARRA is a member club of the Road Runner Club of America (RRCA) and all HARRA members are also automatically members of the RRCA.

Membership in HARRA is open to all regardless of age or ability. HARRA currently has about 1,500 members. Members range in ability from competitive runners who have participated in the US Olympic Trials to those who run for fitness only. HARRA's programs and services are designed for runners of all abilities.

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