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Winter Issue - January
Deadline for editorial and advertising: December 1

Spring Issue - April
Annual Texas Triathlon Preview
Includes one year's event schedule plus an overview of the multisport scene.
Deadline for editorial and advertising: March 1

Summer Issue - July
Travel & Destination Event Guide
A good way to see the far reaches of the U.S.  Many of the major marathons outside of Texas report that the 2nd and 3rd numbers of out-of-state participants are from Texas.  In our summer issue we look at some exciting areas that offer a cool summer respite.
Deadline for editorial and advertising: June 1

Fall Issue - October
Annual Texas Marathon Preview
Our most popular issue with over 52 marathons in Texas alone.  Marathons have become a backbone staple in civic promotions in many cities.  They welcome out-of-towners.
Deadline for editorial and advertising: September 1

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