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To browse race results from around Texas and the surrounding states select a timing company to view their current race results.  To have your timing company added to the list contact Marie at 713-935-0555 or marie@runningmags.com

All Sports Timing - www.allsportstiming.com
Apple Event Services - www.appleeventservices.com
Athletes Guild -
Cadence Sports - www.cadencesports.com
Chip 2 Chip Race Timing - www.chip2chipracetiming.com
Chuck Score Timing Services - www.chuckscore.com
Compton Time & Measure - www.timeandmeasure.com
Cox Racing Services - www.coxracingservices.com
Delta View Timing - www.deltaviewtiming.com
Do More Race Services - www.domoreusa.com
Get Racing - www.getracing.org
Iniquez Athletic - www.iaapweb.com
Lone Star Timing - www.lonestartiming.com
My Chip Time - www.mychiptime.com
No Limits Timing - www.nolimitstiming.com
Overland Race Management - www.overlandracing.com
Pro-Fit Event Services - www.profiteventservices.com
Purnell Race Management - www.purnellracing.com
Race Adventures - www.raceadventuresunlimited.com
Race Chip Timing - www.racechiptiming.com
Race Day Event Services - www.racedayeventservices.com
Race Texas - www.racetx.com
Racing Systems Inc. - www.wetimeraces.com
Redbarn Systems - www.redbarnsystems.com
RRP Timing - www.rrptiming.com/
Run-FAR Racing Services - www.run-far.com
Run Houston Timing - www.runhoustontiming.net
RunOn Texas - runontexas.com
Run Time Racing Services - www.runtimeracingservices.com
Run Wild Sports Timing - https://eztoregister.rsupartner.com/
Split Second Productions - www.iruntexas.net
VFP Racing - www.vfitproductions.com

Cajun Timing - www.cajuntiming.com
Fit Right Racing - www.fitrightracing.com
New Orleans Running Systems - www.nolarunning.com
No Limits Timing - www.nolimitstiming.com
Southern Timing - southernracetiming.com

Mac's Race Timing Service - www.macsrts.com
Race Wizard - www.race-wizard.com
Stearns Race Timing - www.stearnsracetiming.com
Y Timing - www.ytiming.net

Breakaway Racing - www.breakaway-racing.com
DG Productions - www.dgroadracing.com
Elite Race Company - www.eliteracecompany.com
I:40 Race Service - www.i40raceservice.com
Tatur Racing - www.tatur.org
Time Line Results - www.timelineresults.com

Centerpoint Events - www.chasing3.com
TCR Productions - www.tcrproductions.com

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